Corner Weighting

If you’re looking for the ultimate in handling capability for your vehicle, you should consider Capital Steering & Suspension’s corner weighting service. Corner weighting, also known as corner balancing, is a precise method of adjusting the spring perches to ensure the static weight of the vehicle is optimally distributed across all four wheels. This leads to a car which has ideal handling balance and steers equally well in both directions.

Corner weighting is an integral part of setting up a competition vehicle, and we can confirm from first-hand experience, is often the fastest way to improved lap times.

Capital Steering & Suspension uses the latest in highly calibrated scale technology to find the best corner weighting solution for your vehicle.

Corner weighting is also an ideal diagnosis method to identify the best suspension solution on 4WD and trades vehicles.

Contact us today via the contact form or by phone to book in your vehicle for corner weighting, and be assured that your car’s handling is perfectly balanced.