Performance Corner

Capital Steering & Suspension has a long association with Canberra and national motorsport, having built and set up numerous competition suspension systems, sponsored teams, and raced ourselves. Through this experience, we have established the workshop equipment, brand associations and expertise, to deliver the very best in performance handling.

We will work with you to determine the best set up for your driving style and performance expectations, so whether you are looking for a tough street stance, a track day weapon, or a fully adjustable competition racecar, you’ll get the right suspension system, tuned for ultimate performance.

Capital Steering & Suspension can provide the following performance-orientated services, executed by specialist mechanics, using the best gear available:

  • Race car setup
  • Corner weighting
  • Supply and installation of performance shock absorbers such as Koni and Bilstein
  • Supply and installation of performance coils such as Eibach, H&R
  • Supply, installation and tuning of coilover kits from Tein, XYZ, Koni, Bilstein and many more
  • Car lowering to get the optimum ride height
  • Supply, installation and tuning of camber and caster adjustment kits
  • Supply and installation of sway bar kits
  • Supply, installation and tuning of adjustable strut tops
  • Custom modifications
  • Supply, installation and tuning of TEIN adjustable coil overs with in-car electronic adjustment
  • Track day setup and alignment

Get in touch using the contact form or by phone, to discuss your unique performance-focussed requirements or check out our services pages to find out more.