Wheel Alignments

Capital Steering & Suspension are a full-service suspension and wheel alignment specialist. Trained mechanics conduct all wheel alignments and have extensive experience in street, vintage, performance, motorsport and 4WD vehicles.

Using the latest, highly calibrated equipment, you can expect a professional service, resulting in a fast, accurate and cost-effective wheel alignment which will reduce tyre wear, improve fuel economy and deliver superior handling.

If your vehicle is rare or specialised, or you want your alignment tuned for your unique driving style or specific use, you are welcome to supply your alignment specifications for the set-up. Our mechanics work with all aftermarket camber/castor kits, rose jointed control arms, coil overs and adjustable tops. For these specialised works, you may also like to enquire about our Corner Weighting service.

Whether you are dropping in your daily driver, prized classic, or tuned performance beast, you can expect the highest attention to detail on your ride, leaving our shop with a printed record of all adjustments made to your vehicle.

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