Leaf Spring Upgrades

Standard, factory fitted leaf springs and suspension components often aren’t designed for the loads encountered by working, recreational and towing vehicles. Upgrading to heavy-duty or raised leaf springs, can drastically improve performance, eliminating sag, sway, wheel hopping and squatting. Your car will carry loads and towing better, and there will be less leaf spring wear and tear.

As every owner has unique requirements for their vehicle, Capital Steering & Suspension takes the time to understand your unique situation, before working with you to determine the best leaf spring set up for your ongoing needs. We’ll make sure that the upgraded leaf springs compliment your existing suspension system to ensure there are no unwanted consequences to ride and handling.

We have a range of heavy duty and raised leaf springs to suit most vehicles, which we’ve carefully selected for their proven quality, durability, performance and value. Other components available include greasable shackle kits and upgrade of leaf spring bushes to Superpro polyurethane.

Contact us now via the contact form or phone, and we’ll make sure your work horse, race or weekend toy is up to the task you use it for.